Get Smooth Soft Feet In Just 1 Week!


Even works on hobbit feet!!!
Sydney Allison on Amazon |
February 10, 2018
My girl always has some dry crusty hobbit feet and I picked up some of these for her to try as a last hope because she has not found much else to help her situation. Much to our surprise these things WORK!!! they work so good her feet no longer cut my legs when she sleeps next to me with her crusty feet and I actually now enjoy giving her the old dreaded foot massage!!
Foot Chemistry is AMAZING!!!!
Jessica L. on Amazon |
May 15, 2020
I’ve used several foot peels over the past few years but none compare to this one. WOW!!!! Putting it on was really simple. The solution comes in these little booties that slip right on. They are secured on your foot by using the tape strips included in package. I wore socks on top of them so I could sit on my bed without worrying about the product spilling out. The directions call for soaking feet prior to treatment and 5-10 minutes each day, however I did not soak feet at all and I am a satisfied customer! Once it started peeling (which took about 3 days) it got the job done and then some! It was a lot of fun waking up each morning to see what skin had started peeling away. After two weeks, my feet were completely peeled and baby soft. (LITERALLY LIKE A BABY’S BUTT) I do have a few recommendation’s before you do it, you have to be okay with wearing sneakers or closed shoes for about 2 weeks until your feet are done peeling. You should wear socks to bed because your skin really does peel off in sheets. And last but not least do the peel prior to painting your toe nails because the solution will take off some of the polish. Try this product I promise you won’t be disappointed!!!
This product really works
Marci Flores on Amazon |
July 5, 2019
I can’t believe how well this product works! It actually does everything it advertised. My feet peeled for about 1 1/2 weeks after my first use. And my dry calloused feet were no more. I had soft baby skin even on my heels. Would definitely recommend this product and I will buy again.
Best Foot Peel / Butter Soft Feet
Jessica Salano on Amazon |
February 27. 2018
Best Foot Peel I have ever used. I started peeing day 2 and my feet felt butter soft. I would recommend this product to everyone.