Get Smooth Soft Feet In Just 1 Week!

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Foot Chemistry on my hands or any other body parts?
No, you cannot. Using foot mask on hands or other body parts may cause serious skin damages.
Can I reuse Foot Chemistry?
No you cannot reuse Foot Chemistry as it is only for a one time use only.
When does the peeling process begin and end?
The peeling process for most people begins on day 3 and ends on day 7. Though in some cases your feet may peel up to 2 weeks.
How often can I use Foot Chemistry?
Foot Chemistry can be used whenever you notice the build up of dead or rough skin on your feet. We recommend using it every 3-4 months. Results will vary due to skin uniqueness.
After using Foot Chemistry, I noticed I still had some dead skin peeling off. When can I use Foot Chemistry again if needed?
You may use Foot Chemistry again if needed 4 weeks after your initial application.
It has been one week since I used Foot Chemistry, but no dead skin cells have peeled off. How long will it take to start peeling off?
Results will vary among individuals due to the thickness of the dead skin cells on the soles of the feet. Peeling usually begins within 3 - 7 days, but could be as long as 2 weeks. Soaking your feet daily will speed up the process. The peeling process usually completes within 7 - 10 days. After bathing, gently rub your feet with your hands to speed up the peeling process. Avoid using a foot scrubber.
Do I need to stay seated while I am using Foot Chemstry?
No, you are permitted to walk around if you would like. As long as your feet are soaking wet in the gel, you will get amazing results. We recommend you limit walking while they are on your feet. Enhance your results by adding a pair of socks over the plastic booties and/or a pair of shoes.
What is Foot Chemistry made from?
Foot chemistry contains: Water, glycerol, fermented milk, Green tea, Vitamin E, sorbitol, aloe extract, lactic acid, papain derived from papaya fruit, etc.
Under what conditions should I avoid using Foot Chemistry?
  • If you have been diagnosed with athletes foot, pruritus, eczema, or if you are experiencing inflammation or redness on the skin of your feet.
  • If you have any open wounds or damaged skin as irritation may occur
  • If you are diabetic.
  • If you develop a skin allergy.
  • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed on the package.
  • If you are pregnant or lactating.
Are there any other circumstances I should be aware of?
  • Please keep this product out of reach of children.
  • If irritation occurs, immediately discontinue use and consult with a physician.
  • Please apply this product within 10 minutes of opening the package.